The "2002 Palestine International Video Festival" is a new video festival to take place in Palestine during the winter of 2002. The festival will showcase an international collection of contemporary video art, installations, and documentaries from over 28 different countries. During the festival, the works will be installed in various independent galleries and cultural centers, be screened on local television stations and theaters, and be made permanently available in a public archive at Birzeit University.

The festival is an attempt to breach the cultural and intellectual isolation of the Palestinian people brought about by the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Issues ranging from immigration and exile, the practice of everyday life, and the aftermath of September 11th will be explored by the festival's diverse participants. The festival was conceived by Emily Jacir (UNDP/TOKTEN), who co-organized it with John Menick. It will hopefully mark the beginning of an ongoing dialog between the international cultural community and the residents of Palestine.

We would like to thank Vera Tamari and Birzeit University for inviting Emily Jacir through the UNDP/TOKTEN program. We thank UNDP/TOKTEN for making this project possible by hosting and supporting Emily Jacir in Palestine. We also extend special thanks to Ahmed Issawi for his generous contribution and donation to the festival, and Wolfgang Staehle and THE THING for hosting our website. Special thanks should also go to Ghassan Fawzi and Johnny Farraj for translation.

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